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Concurrency and locks in sql server

Concurrency and locks in sql server

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Ionic Tab View

My One of Clients came with a new requirement. It is creating Mobile app for his business. Actually It was mobile CRM application. So in that moment I didn’t have any mobile application development experience. But Actually I wanted to experience Mobile application development. So I experienced some technologies. After doing some researches I came up with Ionic framework. More about Ionic It was very easy to learn and I did quick learn and I could deliver perfect app for my client. So I thought it is good to do some post about Ionic. So I created a Video on How to create sample Ionic Tabview app. Watch video download source code I thought it may help some one.

Custom Model Binding in MVC

Some times we have to use our own Modal binding mechanism in MVC. In MVC default Modal binding machansim is perfect. It binds our modal to posted variables . We can create our custom Modal binder. We can use DefaultModalBinder Or IModalBinder to do that. In following video you can find Custom ModalBinder Using IModalBinder. Custom Modal Binder in MVC Download Source Code

Difference between == and === in JavaScript

So we know in javascript we have == and === comparisons. Why two? What are the differences between them? So what is the difference between followings this returns true. when it comes === equals this returns false. So what it is? The triple-equals comparator compares both type and contents So ‘1’ === 1 contains string value and int value. Even contents are same they are in different types. So it is not equals. Double equals tries to help with type coercion. But it’s not always the help we want. So keep in mind when you are using above equal comparisons.  

format currency in jquery

So when we are in web development we want show Currency value with some formatting. Like thousand separator, decimal separator and currency symbol. I am using below Jquery function to format the currency values. We can format currency value as we required. If we just pass the currency value it will give us value with default formatting. formatCurrency(5873839) will give us ” $5,873,839.00″