Error handling in sql server . Try / catch

Things can go wrong in sql operation. So how we handle Errors in sql server.

We can detect errors in two ways

  1. Try/catch
  2. @@ERROR


If there is no errors based on the last operation @@ERROR will be set to 0 . If something went wrong it will be set to value other than 0. How ever this not best way to handle errors in sql server.



-- this is where we put our codes that can be generate errors



-- this where we put code to handle errors


Big thing in TRY block is always we’re going to assume success because only way that we’re going to get to the next line of code is if the line before is succeeded

Concurrency and locks in sql server

Transactions in sql server must be Isolated. It means that if a transaction is running and somebody else comes along and there’re trying to work with data that previous transaction working with, they’re not allowed to touch that.

Sql server handle this problem using concurrency and locks.

Concurrency is the process of managing who has access to data. 

The way that access to data is managed by locks.


  1. Shared Lock                                                                                                                                                Known as a read lock, This type of lock is obtained anytime when issue a select query. Shared lock can be shared with others who are trying to read that data.
  2. Exclusive locks                                                                                                                                          Whn ever going to modify data this lock is issued. We need to make sure nobody else working with that data, reading or trying to modify that. This lock prevents others from accessing that data.
  3. Intent lock                                                                                                                                                    If someone doing operation and we want make sure that nobody drops that table or nobody drops the database. This is where Intent lock is issued.

One of the issue with locks is it is bit of overhead.

Locks can be maintained at a few levels

1.Row level

2.Page level

3.Table level

Make sure that do locks as little data as possible and for as short a period of time as possible



Transactions in sql server

Why transactions.

We generally works with multiple tables in one operation. May be we want to insert data to order header and order detail table in one operation. Then what happens if only part of the operation succeeds. Some statements can be failed.

So we are with lot of possible problems inside our database when it comes to data integrity . This is where we need transactions.

Transactions will allow us to control the entirety of an operation and ensure that everything’s going to succeed or everything is going to get rolled back should something fail.

Transaction must meet ACID.

ACID is comprised with four different components.

A -> Atomic

Entire operation must succeed or the entire operation must fail, and it must do so as a single unit

C -> Consistent

Once the operation is complete, database must be left in a consistent or in a valid state

I -> Isolated

Every transaction must also be isolated, simply meaning that somebody else’s operation at the same time that I’m working on my data, is not allowed to impact my operation.

D -> Durable

The database should be durable enough to hold all its latest updates even if the system fails or restarts

There are three main commands in managing transaction manually.


This will mark the start of the transaction


We are going to execute this once we know everything is works fine.


If some thing went wrong we are going to execute this one. We got some errors and we want to Rollback the transaction.



Ionic Tab View

My One of Clients came with a new requirement. It is creating Mobile app for his business. Actually It was mobile CRM application. So in that moment I didn’t have any mobile application development experience.

But Actually I wanted to experience Mobile application development. So I experienced some technologies. After doing some researches I came up with Ionic framework.

More about Ionic

It was very easy to learn and I did quick learn and I could deliver perfect app for my client.

So I thought it is good to do some post about Ionic. So I created a Video on How to create sample Ionic Tabview app.

Watch video

download source code

I thought it may help some one.